Real-life photos are extremely important

Last week I wrote about how I found joy in photography, even through heartbreak and tragedy. This week, however, I want to talk about how photography overflows with joy when taking photos of happy occasions.


Meet Millie Drew. This little girl turned 2 this past summer, and I was lucky enough to get to shoot her birthday party. The laughter and screams were pervasive all day. The water slide and kiddie pools were all kinds of fun; it was a party never to forget.


Luckily, I got to work for Millie Drew’s mother and got the honor of making sure that these moments never fade. By taking action shots of parties or by taking candids of friends, families are able to cherish the joy of the realities in their lives. For instance, this daughter tenderly relied on her father to help her stand, and he was joyous as his daughter showed her affection for him.


When you are capturing the joys of life and finding joy in your photography, it is important to capture realities. Posed portrait shots make for some beautiful photographs and are some my favorite shots to take, but always remember the value behind taking candid, real-life photos.

So, whether you are learning to find joy in photography through hard circumstances or light-hearted birthday parties, know that photographs are capable of telling better stories than any author around. The pictures we take are powerful. Capturing the realities in people’s lives help us remember who we are and where we come from.

Ask yourself, “Do my photos help people see the realities of life, or do they get consistently lost in the trend of living a posed lifestyle?”


2 thoughts on “Real-life photos are extremely important

  1. As someone who enjoys taking candid shots, I really enjoyed this post! Candids are some of my favorites because they show the true feeling of what is happening in that moment. While I do love posed photos as well, I think candids are much better for telling the real story and showing the true emotion of whatever may be happening. Great post!


  2. I didn’t even know you were into photography, that’s really cool! Your perspective on posed shots vs. action shots is very interesting because I had never thought about it that way. Keep up the good work and nice shots.


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