It’s Christmas time!

Last week I talked about the value of candid photos and how important it is to capture those real-life emotions, but there are times where posed portrait shots are needed.

Everyone loves celebrating the holidays, and what better way is there to send love and joy than a Christmas card?! This fall, I got the privilege of taking this family’s photos for the holidays.


They’re some of the cutest around, so taking their picture was a breeze, but there are still many other factors to make this look like a quality photograph.

One aspect to take into consideration is location. Fall is a beautiful time of year, so finding a place with a variety of colors in the background is always one of my favorite backdrops. In this session, we went to Overton Park, a popular site in Memphis, to find our perfect scenery. Once we saw the lake and beautiful fall trees, we were ready to go.

One challenge through all of this was getting the dog to focus at the camera. If you know you will be shooting a family picture with young children, or in this case a puppy, it is important to make sure you bring appropriate supplies in order to grab their attention long enough to snap a good photo.


You also want to provide your client with a variety of different photos: different poses, locations and styles. Although you are the one taking the pictures, this is their photo. You want your clients to feel as if they have a say in choosing the perfect picture that portrays them well.

How do you make your photos unique to you but also to your clients?


3 thoughts on “It’s Christmas time!

  1. I use to work for a photographer and I think the question “how do you make your photos unique to you but also to your client?” is SO important. It needs to be fitting to who they are as individuals but also as one. Great post, friend!

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  2. Your pictures look great! I love fall, so the background looked perfect for the shoot. I also liked that you mentioned having supplies ready to grab the attention of kids or puppies. It’s something people tend to look over.

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